Egypt - Skyline
Egypt - Skyline
Egypt - Skyline

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Egypt - Skyline

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Click on "Make It Personal" If you want to get engraved a name or personal greeting on the product.

Architectural silhouette sculpture of Egypt.

A decorative design object of miniature buildings and landmarks from Egypt which makes up a skyline of Egypt.

The sculpture unites architecture, aesthetics and play a decorative object in the living room, on the coffee table or in the window sill.

It is possible to get a name and a personalised greeting engraved on the holder, making the sculpture an obvious gift for the person you want to treat with a beautiful sculpture, maybe one you have a common memory with from Egypt?

The sculpture is handmade at our workshop in Copenhagen of sustainable materials.

Size: 25 x 38 cm
MATERIAL: Birch tree
COLOR: Organic linen oil We even mix with shades of blue pigment.

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