Træklodser. "Metropol, Blue" fra Kolekto
håndlavede træklodser produceret i danmark
bæredygtigt trælegetøj fra danmark
dansk trælegetøj med navn
træhuse fra danmark, handmade in denmark

Building blocks

Wooden blocks metropolis | Blue

Sale price699 kr
Click on "Make It Personal" If you want to get a name or your own personal greeting engraved on the product.

This box of Building blocks is a great example of how play and aesthetics get united in a sustainable product that both acts as a design object which adds edge, charm and charisma to the home, as a moving architectural sculpture and as a toy and construction set you can play with. 

The craftmanship, the materials and the design language stimulates both children and adults' penchant for beauty and quality. 

Metropol is also an ideal gift which will stand out as something quite special and with the opportunity to get a name or your own personal greeting engraved on the box it becomes a personal and unique gift. -Write the name and text you wish in the field "Make it personal"

Measure on box: 31 x 24 x 4 cm
Materials: Birch wood
Handmade in Denmark.

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