familiekalender, håndlavet i danmark
eternal calendar, handmade in denmark
væg kalender i træ
kalender, organizer, planlæg


The Eternal Calendar.

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Click on "Make It Personal" If you want to get a name or your own personal greeting engraved on the product.

The calendar has a simple graphic design, and is handmade of sustainable materials with great attention to detail. It includes 12 monthly planner sheets.

In a busy everyday life, The Eternal Calendar is the perfect way to start your daily routine by getting an overview of you and your family's time, plans and routines.

After 12 months you can buy extra calendar sheets, and after 10 years you can buy a stick with 10 more years.

Buy extra calendar sheets here

This calendar can be personalized with a name on the front and a personal greeting on the back, making this calendar a unique and personal gift.

Size: 60 x 35 x 1 cm
Materials: Birch wood
Handmade in Denmark.

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