India - 6 Iconic Buildings
India - 6 Iconic Buildings
India - 6 Iconic Buildings
India - 6 Iconic Buildings
India - 6 Iconic Buildings
India - 6 Iconic Buildings

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India - 6 Iconic Buildings

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6 iconic and adventurous buildings from India which can be built together crosswise as a moving architectural sculpture.

The building sculpture is a decorative design object in the living room, on the coffee table, in the window sill or as aesthetic toys in the children's room.

The sculpture unites architecture, aesthetics and play.

All buildings can be built together with all other cities and buildings from Connect The World.

It is possible to get a name and a personal greeting engraved on the holder. Hereby the sculpture can become a unique gift for the person who loves design and adventurous architecture. Maybe a person you have a shared memory with from India or a person you want to invite to India. if you want to give the sculpture as a gift we can send the sculpture directly to the one you wish and pack it into a nice giftbox.

The sculpture is handmade at our workshop in Copenhagen of sustainable materials.

SIZE: 6 Buildings in varying size that match the size of the plate 22 x 19 cm

MATERIAL: Birch tree

COLOR: Organic linen oil We even mix with shades of blue pigment


Shaminarayan temple, New Delhi

Lotus temple, New Delhi

Charminar monument, Hyderabad

Budha Statue, Hussain Sagar Lake

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Red Fort, Delhi

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