Denmark - 6 iconic buildings
Denmark - 6 iconic buildings
Denmark - 6 iconic buildings
Denmark - 6 iconic buildings
Denmark - 6 iconic buildings
Denmark - 6 iconic buildings

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Denmark - 6 iconic buildings

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Click on "Make It Personal" If you want to get engraved a name or personal greeting on the product.

6 iconic buildings from Denmark which can be built together crosswise as a moving architectural sculpture.

A decorative object in the living room, on the coffee table, in the window sill or as aesthetic toys in the children's room.

The sculpture unites architecture, aesthetics and play.

It is possible to get a name and a personal greeting engraved on the holder. This makes the sculpture an obvious gift and a beautifully and creative alternative to the flower bouquet. - We'll send it directly to the one you wish and pack it in a nice giftbox.

The sculpture is handmade at our workshop in Copenhagen of sustainable materials.

SIZE: approx. 22 x 19 cm
MATERIAL: Birch tree
COLOR: Organic lina we mix with shades of blue pigment

The Marble Church:
Architect: There were many architects on the project, those who have had the greatest impact on the preparation was the French architect, Nicolas-Henri Jardin and later the Danish architect, Meldahl. 1894 it was completed.

Grundbig church:
Architect: Peder Vilhelm Jensen Klint. Completed in 1940.

Aarhus City Hall:
Architect: Arne Jacobsen. Completed in 1941.

Roskilde Cathedral:
The architect is not known. Today, the church as a Gothic masterpiece, but far more styles have come through though out time with the help from some of Denmark's best architects such as C.E Harsdorff, C.F. Hansen, Inger and John Exner. Completed: 12-13 century.

Rosenborg Castle:
Architect: Hans Van Steenwinckel The younger. Completed 1634.

Round Tower:
Architect: Christian d. 4 and Hans Van Steenwinckel The younger. Completed 1642.

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