Dancing Man
Dancing Man
Dancing Man

Victoria Ladefoged

Dancing Man

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The puppet is designed and produced by Victoria Ladefoged. It is created from discarded boxes that have previously been used for the delivery of fruits and vegetables.

Since the wood behaves differently and all figures are hand painted, all the figures will be unique and not 2 dolls will be the same and there will be small variations from the pictures on the website.

The doll is inspired by Turkish shadow games, where dolls on sticks, form silhouettes and create stories. The figure is beautiful as decoration, as an alternative to the poster, as part of a gallery wall or in the children's room.

All Victoria's products are made from recycled materials and handmade in Denmark. Her designs are rooted in the Danish craft tradition with a touch of play and humor.

Size: Height 60 cm.
Materials: Recycled birch tree
Handmade in Denmark.

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