Copenhagen - Skyline
Copenhagen - Skyline
Copenhagen - Skyline
Copenhagen - Skyline

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Copenhagen - Skyline

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Click on "Make It Personal" If you want to get engraved a name or personal greeting on the product.

Architectural silhouette sculpture of Copenhagen, Denmark. A decorative object in the living room, on the coffee table or in the window sill.

The silhouette can be built together with all other cities and buildings from Connect The World.

It is possible to get a name and a personalised engraved on the holder. This makes the sculpture an obvious gift and a beautifull, creative alternative to the flower bouquet.

SIZE: 25 x 38 cm.
MATERIAL: Birch tree
COLOR: Organic linen oil We even mix with shades of blue pigment
BUILDINGS: Marble Church, Round Tower, Grundtvig Church, City Hall, Rosenborgslot, Our Savior Church and Cityhouses

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