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This box with puzzle-bricks in blue, red and yellow ( the primary colours used by the bauhaus movement)  can be built together as a moving sculpture which is decorative and fancy on the shelf, window sill or on the coffee table, where it can stand as stylish alternative to the art book, instead of turning through the pages you can puzzle and make graphical settings with this sculpture or it can be used to build labyrinths and fragments of cities in the children's room.

This is a splendid example of how play and aesthetics can be combined in a sustainable product which functions both as a design object that will add edge, charm and charisma to the home and as a toy one can puzzle and build with.

The craftsmanship, materials and design, stimulate both children and adults' penchant for beauty and quality.

As every design in our collection is handcrafted, each piece that leaves our workshop is unique, hereby it also becomes a perfect gift for collectors of fine art and design.

Size: 40 x 28 x 2 cm
Materials: Birk tree and natural color and oil
Handmade in Denmark.

The Bauhaus Movement has inspired us for the choice of colors and forms in this Puzzles. The architectural idiom and the beautiful colors stimulate both children and adult's natural perchant for beauty, sets imagination free and challenge both the small or the adult engineering brain.

The German school for design and architecture in the 20s and 30s Berlin. Bauhaus was based on creating surroundings for ordinary people by uniting art and modern industry.

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