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Louisiana Art Museum

Louisiana Art Museum
Spending a day at the Louisiana Museum, to enjoy a coffee on the terrace, take a dip in the sea, stroll around in the various rooms and the surrounding park, is just as great an experience, like seeing one of their many exhibitions.
The way the building blocks merge in and out of the landscape in a fixed rhythm, where the boundaries between outside and inside are abolished, the elegant transitions between the materials of the buildings, the patterns of the bricks curse, the correct rate from the carrying wooden structures, plays as beautifully together and on a Drowsy summer day when the associations get free games, it seems almost that the sculptures on site reflect and comment on the people moving around between them ...

Louisiana poster

Inspired by the landscape, the sculptures and the beautiful architecture, KOLEKTO has worked with a series of motifs called “Scenes from Louisiana.” This has turned into a series of woodcuts and graphic art posters. from the architectural gem that the Louisiana Art Museum is.

See the collection of woodcuts and posters here.
The works are sold exclusively in the Louisiana Art Museum's Design store

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Clients & projects


It is with great pleasure that we have collaborated with KOLEKTO on scenes from Herlufsholm. It is a gift that we have given for both translocation and graduation to selected students, and it consists of eight silhouettes of buildings from Herlufsholm.

MIkkel Kjellberg, rector


In 2020, we had a really good collaboration with KOLEKTO on our Christmas gift to our customers and consultants. A Backgammen game for the whole family in your own design. We were involved in the whole process from idea, colors, design and design.

Henrik Staalsø

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