Scenes from Herlufsholm.
Gift for graduating students

A moving sculpture that opens up new perspectives, rooted in the original architecture. Herlufsholm School, which was founded in 1565, is steeped in history. The old, distinctive buildings radiate a solidity and dignity, which signals that here the traditions are protected against the vicissitudes of time. The architecture signals a respect for tradition, with historical layers intertwined and intertwined.

"It is with great pleasure that we have collaborated with KOLEKTO on scenes from Herlufsholm. It is a UNIQUE gift FOR OUR GRADUATING STUDENTS.  it consists of eight silhouettes of buildings from Herlufsholm WHICH KoleKto has drawn AND DESIGNED FOR US"

Mikkel Kjellberg, Principal Herlufsholm

Herlufsholm Kolkto.
We have in collaboration with Principal, Mikkel Kjellberg, selected a number of facade motifs from Herlufsholm Boarding School, which can be built together as silhouettes crosswise.

The silhouettes, with fragments of Herlufsholm's various facades, are based on the school's original architecture. When the facades are merged in new ways, new scenes and perspectives arise as a movable sculpture that opens and changes. The new structures that occur when the facades are built together in new ways are always anchored in the original architecture. Hereby, the characteristic atmosphere of Herlufsholm are still recognizable when new compositions are formed out of the original structures.
Herlufsholm Kolkto.
We hope that the strong foundation, Herlufsholm as a boarding school has created, will be an anchor, source of inspiration and a strong common reference when the graduating students embark on new adventures and chapters in a world, where they must build new paths and solutions for our society's development and challenges.

The sculpture is handmade in Denmark, of sustainable materials.
The silhouettes can stand as a decorative object in the home, as a loving greeting from Herlufsholm and an eternal memory of one of Denmark's and the world's most historic boarding schools.

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It is with great pleasure that we have collaborated with KOLEKTO on scenes from Herlufsholm. It is a gift that we have given for both translocation and graduation to selected students, and it consists of eight silhouettes of buildings from Herlufsholm.

MIkkel Kjellberg, rector


In 2020, we had a really good collaboration with KOLEKTO on our Christmas gift to our customers and consultants. A Backgammen game for the whole family in your own design. We were involved in the whole process from idea, colors, design and design.

Henrik Staalsø

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