Unique corporate gifts
& custom made brand products

If you are looking for a special design or a unique and personalized company gift for your employees or customers, we solve the task with an ambition to deliver a tailored, personal and unique product.

We have helped small and large companies as well as public institutions design and produce products that are right for them. Regardless of the scale of the task, we take pride in solving the task in a creative way that must result in an aesthetic and beautiful product that reflects your wishes and values.

We draw, design and produce all our products in our workshops in Copenhagen and we only work with sustainable materials and design solutions.

Contact us at info@kolekto.dk

Kolekto, herlufsholm

Blox Kolekto


Clients & projects


It is with great pleasure that we have collaborated with KOLEKTO on scenes from Herlufsholm. It is a gift that we have given for both translocation and graduation to selected students, and it consists of eight silhouettes of buildings from Herlufsholm.

MIkkel Kjellberg, rector


In 2020, we had a really good collaboration with KOLEKTO on our Christmas gift to our customers and consultants. A Backgammen game for the whole family in your own design. We were involved in the whole process from idea, colors, design and design.

Henrik Staalsø

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