We unite design, architecture and art in a creative universe with collections for both children and adults.

All our products are designed and produced at our workshop in Copenhagen and we only work with sustainable materials.

KOLEKTO is founded by architect Eva Wandel and graphic designer Rikke Nogel.

Rikke Nogel & Eva Wandel at the workshop in Copenhagen.

All our products are handmade at our workshop in Copenhagen and we only work with sustainable materials.

It is our ambition to unite aesthetics, good craftsmanship and sustainability in our design process.

KOLEKTO's designs, whether for children or adults, are pieces you want to look at and appreciate everyday, pieces you want to take care of and pieces you want to keep and take with you through life, and hopefully they will be passed on to the next generation.

We want our products to tell a story and be personal. Therefore, it is possible to get a name and your own personal greeting engraved on most of our design objects. This makes a product from KOLEKTO unique and an ideal gift that will stand out on the gift table. It will be a personal gift that you will be remembered for.

In addition to our range of art and design which we sell on our own webshop and in high-end design, museum and interior shops, we also design and develop unique corporate gifts and custom made brand products for companies and organizations around the world.

If you are looking for a special design or a personal corporate gift for your employees or customers, we solve the task with an ambition to deliver a custom made, personal and unique product.

Examples from our production and design process:

KolEKTO Studio ApS
Strandlodsvej 6 C.

CVR 41 31 62 92

Customer service:
+45 28 12 47 94 (Monday-Friday 10-16)
Info@kolekto.dk (reply within 24 hours)

Please contact us for AN appointment.


Kolekto means collection on Esperanto.
Collection as an amount of several things (Collection).
Collection as a valued selection (stamp assembly).
Collection as when putting things together.

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