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How do we implement

Sustainability in our design process

At KOLEKTO, we work with sustainability in all aspects; from idea to design to production processes and the finished product. We always aim to work sustainably, and continue to push our limits for how sustainably we can produce our designs.

Our ambition is to


The basic idea in all our designs is to unite aesthetics with sustainability. Although beauty and aesthetics are subjective quantities, it is still a goal for us to work with materials, design language, craftsmanship and detail in a way where we do our utmost to make our products speak to both children and adults' senses and natural penchant for beauty. We want our designs, whether for children or adults, to be objects you want to have standing in front of you that you take care of and take with you through life. Therefore, it is possible to have an engraved name and a personal greeting on all our products, this makes the product more unique and creates a greater degree of affiliation.

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